Silkscreen cards, elastic ribbon, paperpulp, beeswax


PATHFINDER consists of ten silkscreen cards with walking instructions. The texts on the cards direct the walker’s senses in various ways – either by questioning or by guiding in a welcoming manner. The instructions evoke a brief action or movement of thought, which activates the senses and sets body and mind in motion. This leads to walks that offer new opportunities for relationships and connections between the visitor and her environment. The straightforward instructions function as poetic suggestions for alternative scenarios that can be put into practice. They invite the participant to act: to become active, anticipate, entwine, re-situate. By walking slightly differently, self-evidences are put into question and alternative possibilities explored. The walks “de-filter” looking and extend it with other ways of perception.

PATHFINDER is about sensory experiencing variations to obvious points of view and positions – and about the pleasure of discovery. The walking instructions are inspired by a reciprocal relation between text and site. Isolde’s renewed interest in her Indonesian family history made her rethink relations between body and place and the influence of language on perception.

Thanks to: Marlies van Hak (text editing), Jonathan Beaton (translation), Wouter Engelbart (support), Plaatsmaken (screen printing), Alice Smits (curator) Zone2Source Amsterdam