My visual arts practice consists of objects, interventions and walks and is rooted in ecological thinking and making. Together with friends, co-authors, and strangers, I experiment with forms of collaboration, exploring, giving and receiving. Through performative walks I investigate the social relationships that (in)visibly influence our living environment. By taking a slightly different approach to walking, automatisms can be questioned. The viewing tools I develop act as extensions of the user’s perception and senses in their continuous exploration of the surrounding space.

In a critical yet playful way, my work questions the relationship between humans and other entities, such as plants and fungi. Paintings, installations and walks invite active sensory experience, shared reflection and the exploration of alternative possibilities. This extends to the public programmes and publications I develop. Encounters, exchanges and actions become part of the long-term, sustainable and collective process on which my practice is built.

My work has been exhibited at TENT in Rotterdam (NL), IKOB Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst Eupen (BE) and Kunsthaus NRW (DE), among other places. My artistic practice is supported by the Mondriaan Fund and continues to evolve through residencies, such as at the European Ceramic Work Centre, De Fabriek Eindhoven and Greylight Projects.