The work TRACK, created for Biennale Gelderland, consists of a series of ceramic objects that together form an installation and, like a walking trail, connect three streets in Arnhem. The objects are made of ceramics of different shapes and sizes and are bright yellow in colour. Some of the objects bear an inscription, giving instructions for a short mental or physical walk. These instructions are inspired by collected ideas (from real-life conversations, literature, philosophy, scientific research) about plants, microorganisms and trees.

With TRACK I also wanted to stretch the idea of sculpture in public urban space, by involving private spaces and people. The ceramic objects are placed on walls and strips in front and behind residential buildings and shop windows. The route came about through contact with residents and shopkeepers, who placed an object behind their window, in the shop window or on the facade. Some residents and shopkeepers designed an object of ceramics themselves, for example the baker who made a breadboard and a resident who designed a house cat. These objects are all included in the walk. Within the context of TRACK, I indirectly raise the question of whether the presence of the artist, in a performative work that moreover has walking as its medium, is necessary or desirable.