crumbs, in collaboration with Roy Voragen


crumbs is a meandering journey of multiplying stories that started with the home-baking of 23 pandan sponge cakes and continued with passing around slices of cake served on ceramic plates and sharing bits and pieces of conversations in a motley of in-between languages and gestures.

Stacey Aleimo writes: ¨Perhaps the most palpable trans-corporeal substance is food, since eating transforms plants and animals in human flesh.¨

Following the crumbs, eating not only transforms our body, eating also makes us who we are as a people, hence, we respond viscerally to food and what food represents to us – we embody ideas of what food is and should be for us: presentation, tastes, colors, and textures. And, oftentimes, we assume that something has a certain flavor when it has an unfamiliar color…

crumbs also included a suitcase filled with publications from & about Southeast Asia. A Curated Suitcase creates an itinerant space to attempt to understand the many ways we read, write and share.

A booklet can be downloaded here as a PDF:

The recipe of the pandan sponge cake:

Photo 7,9,12,13: Javier Klaus Gastelum