The exhibition ·r·e·s·p·o·n·g·e· in De Fabriek Eindhoven reveals the interwoven nature of my walking performances, my Indonesian heritage and my artistic working methods, which are rooted in ecological thinking and making. ·r·e·s·p·o·n·g·e· refers to my fascination with sponges (the animals) and the sponge-like quality in ourselves.

In preparation for the exhibition, I moved my studio outdoors and cultivated a parcel of land of the same size and dimensions as my studio. Working the land, paying attention to the earth and the relationship between humans and other entities: I see these activities as an ecological extension of my artistic practice and those of others.

This exhibition resulted from a residency at De Fabriek, the residency and exhibition offered me time and space to think about the connections between my works I have produced over the years.

·r·e·s·p·o·n·g·e· hand-out
graphic design: Peter van den Hoogen
essay: Marlies van Hak
translation: Jonathan Beaton
A platform to sponge by Erik Benjamins

biru, a walk without a score Roy Voragen
Het leven als spons in De Fabriek Frits Dycks
The blue carpet Zonnejard

residency De Fabriek Thijs van Gasteren

sound art:
·r·e·s·p·o·n·g·e· Herman van den Muijsenberg