Curriculum vitae
As an artist, Isolde Venrooy adopts a non-linear, associative approach as she questions semiotic systems, such as the way in which numbers are used in our daily lives or how awards are given as an expression of appreciation. A common thread in her visual work is the phenomenon of the presence of absence; the presence of something that is not physically present, e.g. a man who, after years of wearing a moustache, shaves it off, the strangely empty spot on his face reminding one of what was once there. The space in which we find ourselves and which surrounds us possesses a similar invisible presence:

Our gaze travels through space and gives us the illusion of relief and distance. That is how we construct space, with an up and a down, a left and a right, an in front and a behind, a near and a far. When nothing arrests our gaze, it carries a very long way. But if it meets with nothing, it sees nothing, it sees only what it meets. Space is what arrests our gaze, what our sight stumbles over: the obstacle, bricks, an angle, a vanishing point. Space is when it makes an angle, when it stops, when we have to turn for it to start off again.
Georges Perec,Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (Fr.: Espèces d’espaces), edited and translated by John Slur-rock: Penguin Books, 1998



Design: Remco van Bladel & Isolde Venrooy
Photography: Jan Adriaans & Antje Peters